Pet Policy

Although many of the homes we represent are designated “PET FRIENDLY,” acceptance of individual pets is ultimately subject to the homeowner’s approval.  Please be aware that some insurance policies prohibit renting homes to guests traveling with specific breeds of dogs. 

When pets are accepted, the following terms, conditions and restrictions will apply: 

  • Guest understands that if any Urine Stain is found he or she agrees to a $100 Carpet Cleaning fee.
  • Please email or text our office at 855-698-7365 to inform us if you see any stains upon your arrival. Failure to do so will result in VR 365 to assume any found stains to be from the guest.
  • Guests are liable for all actions of their pets, financial and otherwise. Your liability is not limited to the amount of this damage deposit, and you are responsible for the full replacement value of furnishings or cost of repair to surfaces and other property damaged by your pet.
  • Guests will be charged a daily pet fee.
  • All pet droppings must be removed from the premises and disposed of prior to departure. 
  • Pets are NEVER allowed on furniture or beds. Wet and muddy pets must be wiped down or washed and dried PRIOR to entering the home. You will be billed for additional housekeeping time required to remove pet hair, insect infestation, sand, mud, or stains.
  • Guests will not leave pets unattended. Both joyful and lonely barking is a no-no.

Guests are responsible for actions of their pets. Pets are not permitted to wander from the rental property, or in any way disturb neighboring properties or their residents. Should the welfare of the rental property or quiet enjoyment of any neighbor be compromised, you will be required to remove the pet from the premises. If this happens, you remain responsible for fulfilling all other rental conditions and your financial commitment for the entire rental period. 15665 Nelson Place Tukwila, WA 98188 +1 (855) 698-7365

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