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VR 365 LLC (hereinafter “Agent”) is pleased to offer rental accommodations for your visit.  In consideration of the rents received and the individual promise contained herein, the owner (“Owner”) of the property described above (“Property”), through its Agent, VR 365, LLC, does hereby lease and rent to the Renting Party (hereinafter “Tenant”), and Tenant hereby leases from said Owner, the Property under the following terms and conditions.

Verification of acceptance is required to complete the reservation.  When booking on-line, the terms and conditions acceptance box must be checked before the reservation process can be completed.  If Tenant has any questions regarding the terms and conditions, it is asked by Agent to contact one of our reservation staff during normal working hours at 855-MYVR365.

Responsible Party –All fees, charges, and applicable taxes associated with the property rental are the responsibility of the Tenant. The responsible party must be 25 years of age or older. Bookings for fraternities, sororities, vacationing student groups, or parties are not allowed under any circumstances. Reservations made under false pretenses will be subject to forfeiture of all deposits and rent and Tenant occupancy will be terminated.

Booking Confirmation & Rental Payment –Reservations booked 30 days or more in advance of the rental start date are confirmed when one half of the total rental fee is received; the remaining balance is due 30 days before occupancy. Reservations made within 30 days of the arrival date are confirmed on receipt of the entire rental fee, including cleaning fee, damage protection plan and any additional charges related to Tenants stay.  Agent accepts payment by Visa, MasterCard, Discover, cashier’s check, or personal checks if received at least 45 days prior to arrival.  Agent shall deposit all monies into Agent’s interest bearing account at US Bank, in Tukwila, WA, with all interest accrued payable to Agent.

Pricing -Reservations are confirmed at the rates in effect on the date the booking is made. Agent reserves the right to correct oversights, omissions, and clerical errors. In the event an adjustment of this nature increases the cost of Tenant’s booking than the Tenant will be given the option to accept the revised reservation or terminate it with no penalty. 

Cancellations – If Tenant must cancel its reservation, the cancellation must be in writing or via electronic mail (“formal notification”).  Oral communication, even in an emergency situation, will not be deemed received until receipt of “formal notification”.  If Tenant’s cancellation is greater than one hundred and twenty days (120) of date of arrival, Tenant will be refunded 100% of deposited funds, minus a $150 processing fee.  If Tenant cancels within one hundred and twenty (120) days of date of arrival, then Tenant will forfeit 100% of Tenant’s deposited funds. HOWEVER, Tenant will have ONE (1) YEAR from Tenant's original Date of Check-In to rebook (one time only) the SAME PROPERTY, subject to availability during one of the Agent’s designated Off-Seasons. PLEASE NOTE: When rescheduling, Tenant will also be charged a rescheduling fee equal to 20% of the amount of Tenant's rent. There will be no refunds for weather conditions, late arrival, early departure or any other reason outside of the control of Agent.

Because unexpected events can impact Tenants travel plans, Agent recommends that tenant protects their vacation investment by purchasing travel insurance. This coverage is offered for the Tenant’s convenience when the rental is being booked.  The conditions of coverage are detailed separately in the policy of the insurance carrier and should be thoroughly reviewed by Tenant prior to purchase.

On rare occasions, a reserved property may become unavailable due to unanticipated conditions beyond Agents control.  Agent accepts no liability for such an occurrence, financial or otherwise, but will make every effort to provide Tenant with equal accommodations at the same rental rate. If Agent is unable to do so, or if Tenant does not accept a provided alternative, unused rental fees and charges will be refunded.

Property Use & Responsibility –Tenant becomes responsible for the security of the rented home and all of its contents upon check-in, and remains responsible until Tenant vacates and completes their check-out upon the Tenants stay. The rental property is inspected and its contents are inventoried prior to each guest arrival. Tenant is financially responsible for any and all losses or damages due to your occupancy and while in Tenants possession.

Property Condition - The interior and exterior of the vacation homes Agent represents are finished and furnished with costly materials and products, including building materials and surfaces, soft coverings, case goods, art, accessories, house wares, and landscape. Our staff thoroughly inspects each home and inventories its contents between each guest. Tenant becomes financially responsible for any and all damage to the property and its contents from the date and time Tenant checks-in to the date and time Tenant checks-out. 

Occupancy Limitations –Each rental property has specific occupancy limits and rules of conduct which must be strictly enforced. The number of adults, minors, and pets that will occupy Agents rental home must be stated at the time of booking. Tenant agrees to contact Agent immediately if additional guests are expected to stay above the agreed amount. There is a $15 or $20 per person per night fee for additional guests. Property lines, privacy, and the quiet enjoyment of neighbors must be respected at all times, with “quiet hours” observed between 9 PM and 7AM each night.  Increased occupancy, vehicle traffic, excessive noise, or illegal activity, will result in a $250 penalty fee, eviction, and the forfeiture of all prepaid rentals.

Housekeeping –Each home is thoroughly cleaned between guests. This may be included in the rental fee or charged separately depending on the home chosen and Tenant length of stay. If Tenant wishes more frequent cleaning, additional housekeeping may be scheduled for an additional charge. 

Excessively littered and/or dirty conditions at check-out will result in extended housekeeping hours billed at $25 an hour,and will be charged to Tenant’s credit card held on file.  Should it be necessary to clean carpets, remove stains, repaint, repair finishes, or replace furnishings,  textiles, or house wares, Tenant will be charged for labor, materials, and merchandise, plus a 20% service and handling fee.

Structural and Environmental Precautions –Tenant is advised that many homes have, or are in proximity to, structural or environmental circumstances that could pose physical hazards.  These may include, but are not limited to, rocky terrain, hot tubs, swimming pools, steep slopes,  interior and exterior stairways, terraces and decks, slippery conditions, fireplaces, sharp objects, noxious plants, and insects. Tenant acknowledges that they will contact Agents reservation department about specific hazards prior to booking with any concerns. Tenant agrees they will not book a home if they believe there may be a condition that poses unusual risk to any member of Tenants party. Tenant hereby releases the Agent and the rental agency from all personal safety risks and liability associated with the property Tenant rents. 

Property Suitability –Review all property amenities, specifications and unique characteristics, including environmental conditions, to verify that the home that has been selected will be suitable prior to Tenant booking. Private homes may be constructed with unusual features, limited accessibility, or be sited amidst potentially dangerous conditions. Guests with mobility challenges or those traveling with children are specifically advised to discuss concerns or requirements with our reservation department as Tenant will not be able to change homes upon arrival. 

Amenities –All homes are furnished with towels, bed linens, and a supply of paper products and soap. Please review the additional amenities provided in the home you reserve and contact us for additional details or assistance to make your stay more comfortable.

Electronics - Tenant will be charged applicable costs if an electronic device is found to have been altered in any way by reconfiguring how it was originally found connected.

Telephone Calls –When telephone service is provided, local telephone calls are free. Guests will be charged for long distance calls placed during their occupancy unless free long distance calls are listed as a specific amenity. Be aware that cell phone coverage is not available at all homes.

Check-in –Tenant may check in any time after 4 PM on the date of arrival. During prime months, a 4pm check in time can vary between 1 to 2 hours.

Check-out –Tenant agrees upon check-out day, the premises must be vacated by 12pm unless a later check-out has been pre-approved (a charge may apply). All garbage is to be bagged and placed outside in a provided tamper-proof can or containment area.

VR 365, LLC:  House Rules

No one likes too many rules. But to keep the home safe, clean and enjoyable, we ask Guests to follow these requirements. These are Vacation Homes and, depending on location, dirt, snow and water are hard on homes. Although we arrange for housekeepers and maintenance we ask that you take extra care to keep the place in good condition. These rules are usually posted in each unit and are included in a Guest Manual located in the home. 

OCCUPANCY: Your Rental Agreement contains the number of paid guests.  Exceeding the limit will result in extra charges and will terminate occupancy without refund of deposit or rents paid. No Campers/RV’s allowed, unless prearranged with VR 365 (Vacation Rental 365) and Camping Fee of $30/night per camper is paid.  Forfeiture of Deposit will result for camping guests not prepaid.

PARTIES: Bachelor, Bachelorette, High School, and or other gatherings are NOT allowed that would increase occupancy greater than indicated in the Rental Agreement or would disturb neighbors, or violate homeowner rules or governmental ordinances.  Eviction and loss of rents & deposits will occur, unless gathering is preapproved by VR 365.

NOISE:This is a family Vacation home. It is not rented for parties. Please observe quiet at all times especially during the Quiet time is 9pm to 7am. Be a good neighbor. 

NO SMOKING: There is no smoking allowed in the house. ($1,000 fee if you do) You may smoke outside the cabin, but not near open windows or doors and please properly dispose of cigarette butts and/or ashes. 

SHOES:Please take off your shoes when entering the home.  Normal wear and tear on the floor surfaces is expected, but if there is excessive dirt, stains or spills you will be charged additional cleaning and/or repair fees at $25/hour with minimum 1 hour. 

BEHAVIOR: Inappropriate behavior such as loud and/or vulgar language and/or drunkenness is strictly prohibited. Guests evicted for violating property or rules will automatically forfeit their deposit and rents paid. 

UTILITIES: Electrical rates are high. Please turn off lights, televisions, a/c, heat, fireplaces, etc. when not in use.  This would be appreciated.

LONG DISTANCE: Most of our homes do not have phones.  The homes that do have phones allow for local calls only.  Please bring your cell phone if you’d like to make long distance calls.   


DAMAGE:Do not intentionally destroy, deface, impair or remove any part of the Property, equipment, furniture or furnishings. 

RECREATIONAL VEHICLES: You may snowmobile from several of our vacation homes.  This is allowed for ingress/egress only.  Please stay on the driveways and roads at all times and stay under 10mph.  Riding your vehicle across private property (the home you’ve rented or the neighbors), or at excessive speeds will result in termination of your occupancy without refund of deposit or rents paid.

TRESPASSING:All homes in the area are private property.  Guests are to confine themselves to walking paths, paved roads and roadsides. If found trespassing, security/damage deposit will not be refunded.
GARBAGE: Guests are allowed to leave ONLY one bag of garbage per day and dispose of it in the outside garbage can.  If there is additional garbage, guests must take it with them and dispose of it themselves.  For your convenience, there is a 30 gallon garbage can at the cabin to dispose your garbage.  However, for health and safety reasons, your disposable items cannot overflow this garbage can.  Please note that if any excess garbage is found, your credit card will be charged a minimum of $25 fee.

HOUSE CLEANING:The property will be cleaned after departure.  There is no daily laundry service unless arranged in advance at additional costs.  Tenant is responsible for additional housekeeping charges due to carelessness, failure to return furniture in original position, not following check-out instructions and/or pets and is billed at $25/hour with a minimum of 1 hour billed (no exceptions).

BARBECUES:Please turn propane tank to “off” when you finish using the BBQ.  Does not use charcoal briquettes in the propane barbeque or there will be a charge to replace the barbeque. Please clean up the BBQ when done using it.

LAUNDRY:Guests are welcome to use laundry facilities in the Unit. Please strip all the beds you’ve used so we know which sheets to clean.  It is helpful if you leave the sheets, pillow cases and used towels in the laundry room.  Extra housekeeping fees incurred will be billed at $25/hour with a 1 hour minimum charge.

REFUNDS:  No refunds will be given due  to inclement weather, malfunctions in equipment (i.e. hot tubs, saunas, Jacuzzis, television, stereos or VCR) IF a problem happens with the equipment then we will get it fixed ASAP! There will be NO refund for early departure for any reason. 

DEPARTURE:Please follow Check out instructions in the cabin folder. When you depart, close & lock all windows and doors.  Return furniture to its original position if you have moved things around.  Please place your dirty dishes in the dishwasher.  Turn off the fireplace, propane on barbeques, and air conditioning.  Turn the heat down to 55.  Lock the home upon departure. No signs may be posted on any property or lot.**Due to previous incidents, NO CANDLE BURNING IS ALLOWED AT ANY CABIN**

By agreeing to this Agreement, I acknowledge that I have read this Agreement in full and agree to comply with the rules and regulations as contained herein.  I understand that I am responsible for compliance with the rules and regulations by all parties who will use the rental unit during the term of this Agreement.  By agreeing this Agreement, I certify that I am 25 years or older. 

Your acknowledgment of this Agreement, and/or payment of money and/or taking possession of the Property after receipt of the Agreement are evidence of your acceptance of this Agreement and your intent

to use the Property for a vacation rental as set forth herein. Tenant acknowledges that Agent will bill the credit card used at the time of booking for any additional charges that would apply to this rental agreement including any damages or missing items.

HOT TUBS/SAUNAS/SPAS/POOLS: GUESTS CAN USE THESE AMENITIES WHERE AVAILABLE AT THEIR OWN RISK.  When using hot tubs, pools, Saunas and Spas, please remember there are certain health risks that are associated with these facilities. It is the responsibility of the registered guest to inform anyone using these facilities during the term on the stay of the potential hazards. The homeowner association maintains all seasonal swimming pools. Personal Hot tubs are maintained by the homeowner and cleaning staff.  Hot tub covers are for insulation purposes and are not designed to support a person or persons. DO NOT STAND OR SIT ON HOT TUB COVERS, they will break and you may be charged for replacement. Remember when not using the hot tub, to leave cover on so hot tub will stay warm. If you have any questions on how to operate the hot tub, please call during office hours for assistance.  Community pools/hot tubs, etc. may have fees upon entrance.  Such fees are the responsibility of Tenant and/or Tenant’s Guests.

Please NO BEVERAGES in hot tubs because if they spill it can change the balance of the tub. Additionally, if the hot tub is found with fouled greenish water we will either have to drain the tub or have it rebalanced. Guests will be responsible to pay $150 to have it drained and refilled or $75 to have it rebalanced. If the Bromine Floater is lost it will cost $25 to replace.

We also ask you to make sure you shower before entering because body oils will also change the balance. Please be sure to close and properly secure the hot tub cover when done because winds can blow the tub covers off which will result in damage to the cover & lift. Guests will be responsible for damages if found.

Pets: If you bring a pet to a cabin that does not allow pets, you will have violated this agreement and be asked to leave the premises without any refund of rents or deposits (even if the pet does not enter the house).  NO EXCEPTIONS!!  Only a limited number of homes will allow pets, and unless you’ve paid a pet fee and pet deposit at a pet allowable home, no animals of any kind are allowed in the house or on the property. The presence of undeclared or unauthorized pets in any home will result in a $250 penalty, as well as possible eviction and forfeiture of pre-paid rents. If any stains caused by pets are found, Tenant will be charged $100 to have carpets cleaned. Please DO NOT use any products other than water and soap to remove a stain because certain products will bleach the carpets. Our cleaners monitor this very closely.  Agent does not guarantee that any home is free of pet dander or other pet conditions even when pets are not accepted as the property owner may have pets in the home when they are in residence.  

Pets are not to be allowed on ANY furniture and beds.  There will be extra housekeeping fees ($25/hour) if excessive pet hair is found and it deemed necessary to be cleaned off of bedspreads/couches, etc.  Tenant must also clean up pet droppings, outside too!

No Smoking: –Tenant agrees that he or she and or any person in their party will not smoke on the premises of the home and acknowledges that it’s prohibited. If tobacco odor is noted tenant agrees to pay $1,000 upon check out for damages and also agrees to pay additional cleaning and fumigation costs. 

Key Return: –If all provided keys are not returned at check-out, concerns for property security make it necessary for us to immediately re-key the home.  Tenant will be charged for the cost of this emergency service.  Cost will vary depending upon the home and how many locks that will need to be re-keyed.

Hold Harmless:  –VR 365 LLC assumes no liability for loss, damage, or injury to guests or their personal property. Tenant hereby fully releases and discharges VR 365, LLC from all claims, damages, or causes of action by reason of any injury or other cause, and hold VR 365, LLC free and harmless of any claim or suit arising from Tenant or any other guest in connection with the occupancy of the premises. In any action concerning duties or liabilities of the parties, Tenant agrees to venue in Kittitas County, Washington, and the prevailing party will be entitled to recover reasonable attorney fees and costs. Notices are to be delivered to VR 365, LLC, and 15665 Nelson Place Tukwila WA 98188.

Agent accepts no liability for stoppages of transportation, utility services, inclement weather conditions, or natural disasters that may occur before, after, or during a vacation home rental period, nor can Agent be responsible for any other conditions beyond our control.


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